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It doesn’t happen a lot that we get stuck in our car, but when it does, the thing you want, or need most, is someone you can trust. Finding trustable people is not easy to come by, but it is one of the most important especially when you are stuck. Instead of explaining what we do, we wanted to tell you how we do it.

We had a client that was stuck at a party because he lost his keys. He was sure he put that key chain on his belt loop, but it must have been a loud party, and he didn’t hear the key fall.

Anyway, the night was over, and it was late. He was one of the last ones at that party far out in the boondocks. It was some ranch, and he had to get to work the next morning. Complicating matters and causing his anxiety to rise even higher was the fact that he had an important meeting, one that he had waited for a long time. It was one of those, make it or break it sessions.

The night hours moved faster and faster until the clock reached midnight. Still stuck on the ranch in the middle of nowhere, with no key to start his car. He had a nearly new BMW and was nervous about who could duplicate a key for him, from scratch.

He searched for companies and called several, some with pictures of big guys with tattoos, and fancy slogans, of the ones he called that answered, no one had the equipment to make a key for a BMW, because not every locksmith is trained to service all foreign automobiles.

Then he found our website and read about us, The Right Choice Locksmith. As he sat alone in the quiet with just the sound of Coyotes here and there, he learned about the full variety of automobiles we service from Toyota, Ford, and Lexus to even Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and Jaguar. In fact, “The Right Choice” does private Jets as well. He then noticed BMW.

While looking through our site, he read a bit about our company. He stood there at night reading about “The Right Choice Locksmith Automotive Services.” However, in the back of his mind, throughout his reading, he thought of only one question. Will they come out to him, in the middle of nowhere, at close to 1:00 in the morning. Complicating matters much more was his newly acquired knowledge, thanks to Google, that he could not get just a simple duplicate key copied and cut from his physical key because he did not have one to copy from.  

So, with all this in mind he called, fearful that no one would be able to service him until the middle of the morning and that he would miss his important meeting.  He called with a bit of panic and asked the technician to help him. Our technician got on the phone with him and told him not to worry, and that they would be there fast and could make him a new key, on the spot. The technicians asked what type of key he lost, and he said, “The kind that starts a car.”

The technician then asked, “What kind of car do you have?” He said a BMW 2018. So, the technician said, OK, no problem.

When The Right Choice Locksmith arrived we could see him jumping up and down waving, making sure this was not a dream and making sure we would not miss him. When we got out of the car, he told us that he felt like a guy on a deserted island whose rescue team had just arrived.

We told him, “don’t worry we’ll have you out of here in just moments.”

The Right Choice Technician came out to meet the stranded man and immediately calmed him down by showing that he understood his predicament, with a great display of patience.  He went on about how he couldn’t believe his eyes when they opened the back of the service van. It was like a whole factory workshop inside the back of that mobile van. It had electronic key cutting machines and high technology key programming computers.

He told them about his travail, as he looked in the back of the service van. He looked in awe at the rows of keys, and new locks of all kinds. He noticed the glove compartment locks, and trunk locks, as well as the myriad of tools on the walls of the service van next to the ignition keys alongside the key extraction tools.

David was the technician we sent that night, and David explained to the customer as he made a key replacement, that he loved his job mostly because he could help people.

“Real help,” David emphasized. The man was pleased and was on his way within twelve minutes. There are times you get stuck in life when you get stuck. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the thing you need most is someone you can trust.

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