Duplicate Car Keys. Smart Key Duplication & Programming

We can duplicate or replace virtually every make & model of smart key.. Why do I need a Duplicate Key?

The truth is you want to have what’s known by many, in the industry as the “The Savior Key.”  Because if you don’t, the suffering is much higher than the cost. Logically you need a back-up key. Imagine if either just did not have a back-up spare key or if it was somewhere you did not have immediate, or close instant access. What would you do? Panic.

However, there is really no need to be super alarmed. Most locksmiths can come to you and create a new key. Creating a new key though is not the problem. The cost is. If a key must be made from scratch and not just copied from another key, the price is much higher but sometimes needed.  

It is therefore highly advised that you have a duplicate key, so you don’t get stuck. It is always good to have at least one extra key to save yourself stress as well as the significant cost, and if you, unfortunately, missed that moment, and do not have a back-up key, our professional locksmith will be there with our fully equipped service van to create or duplicate a new car key, on-site. We will make your experience as comfortable and fair priced as possible.

What if I don’t have my car key?

Even if you do not have your actual key, you may need code cutting. If your car requires just a key or a transponder chip, then we are ready to serve you in this case as well.

How is a duplicate car key made and what do I need?

There are many ways to duplicate a car key. The term, car key duplication basically refers to copying an already existing working metal key. It is one of the simplest ways to duplicate a key. The actual key is placed on a machine along with a blank key, and the working key is then read and copied onto the blank. But, key duplication today for the vast majority of car keys may involve the need for other services as well. If you do not have the existing key, or there are other factors involved still do not worry; we have the expertise to quickly and successfully help you by creating a copy.

What is a transponder key?

A transponder key helps to protect you from getting your car stolen. A transponder is a small chip which is embedded into the key which is then empowered by radio signals sent by the vehicle. The signs are low strength, so they activate the chip only if the key is very close to the dashboard, or when it is pushed into the ignition of the car. Almost all new vehicles come with a transponder key.

What are high-security keys?

High-security keys are keys which are encrypted with a vehicle anti-theft system, better known as “VAT.” Many newer cars use a VAT.

What about duplicating keys for the trunk, glove compartment as well as key fobs?

The Right Choice specializes in duplicating trunk and glove compartment keys, as well as key fobs. We always up to date with our equipment and training to ensure all your duplicate car key works. We won’t leave until we know it works, and you know you made, The Right choice.

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