Commercial Locksmith Services

You don’t need to spend time looking behind your back all day long wondering if all the hard work, hours and days, years and months of investment will be stolen or damaged within split seconds. Countries and Governments spend millions and billions of dollars each year in defense budgets to make sure they live within secured borders.

There are many borders a successful business needs to protect.

There is a time to play and a time to work. The Right Choice Locksmith Company have the ethic, and we know how to work hard for our customers. Servicing Residential and Commercial customers are our top priority. We provide high-quality security services for all Retail and Commercial businesses. Dedication and honesty are our keys to helping your business secure your premises. Our staff of highly trained locksmith technicians can come to your place of business to discuss many of the security systems we have available.

For example, we will sit down and explain many of the advantages of an Access Control System. We will come and audit your area to see what systems are best, and most efficient for your space. We will explain how with an access control system, or what is referred to as a master key system, you will have full control over who comes in and out. There are no keys, and each person or employee enters with a code.

If an employee leaves a company, a business owner or commercial business must be able to maintain the domain’s security. Many, or most business and commercial offices have valuables within their complex, and they need to be secured. The Right Choice Locksmith also installs every safe. We ensure that your valuables as well as your certified information, are stored safely. You can keep track as well as review records of comings and goings down to the exact minute. The Right Choice technician will also work within your budget, mapping out a plan which works for you.

There are many concerns when it comes to running a commercial or retail business. Often these areas are trafficked by tens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of people a day. We understand the wear and tear commercial locks endure. This is why we know how to pick the kind of security system which best suits your place of work. We understand what hospitals, plants, and factories need, as well as retail spaces. We have years of experience which helps us evaluate the security needs in each situation.

Some of the traffic which flows through your offices, or warehouses, may be employees or buyers: delivery trucks and salesman. There are more than many cases where dangerous chemicals or dangerous areas that need to be protected. We specialize in lockout services as well. We teach your staff how to control dangerous areas carefully. We also make sure they learn the proper protocol to maintain safe conditions successfully. We also install panic bars in cases of emergency. These are exit bars on the exit doors which can be electronically signaled during a crisis so everyone can get out in time.

Besides the standard lock installations, lock repairs, and key duplication services which we supply, we can also install a state of the art intercom systems as well as surveillance cameras, and video systems. Intercom systems are vital for communication, and control of your premises. It is more than necessary to know who you allow in and who you don’t. Surveillance of your facility is also crucial, especially in cases of hospitals, management companies, malls, and factories. It also helps to see what is going on in the office, or retail store. Many thefts have been thwarted due to the use of surveillance cameras. Just knowing that someone is watching, or can review the video, is a significant deterrent to immoral behavior and theft.

We understand the legalities of what constitutes the government’s requirements in terms of insurance coverage. We uphold the OSHA requirements and standards when it comes to securing dangerous areas which include dangerous work spaces, chemical leakage, etc. We also install and repair many brands of profile cylinder locks and deadbolt locks. For industrial work spaces, we install lockout securityWhen we suggest a solution for your security, we always think what we would recommend as if it were for our location of service, because the truth is your satisfaction is the key to our success.

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