Benefits of Commercial Master Key Systems

How does master key system work?. An access control system, abbreviated as ACS means a type of control security system which manages & controls access to your, environment, compound or facility.

ACS access control systems are used within high-security areas such as Data centers, Government, or military institutions. Access control systems monitor human access to protected equipment or facilities, and they accomplish this task by the use of biometrics. An individual must provide his or her thumbprint, focal or vocal credentials to an access control system.

The system then verifies if the information imputed is consistent with the existing data. Only after all these factors are validated through comparison with its database, will it give access to correct permission.

The Right Choice Locksmith knows how hard it is to choose a security system best suited to your situation. Therefore, we are happy to come down to show, and explain using all the gathered information we’ve acquired over our years of experience to help you choose right.  A qualified technician will come and sit with you to fully understand your security needs and service requirements. Our technicians are solving security problems for many years using the highest and newest levels of technology.

When it comes to protecting your security, Access Control Systems are the most efficient way to prevent unauthorized visitors. ACS also restricts employees who are not on your list from entering sensitive areas. Access control allows you to connect your doors to a door access control system.  This way your employees enter your protected work domain using specialized credentials such as a key card into a reader. It allows you to control over who and what comes through which door.

You can also set the balance between safety and convenience.

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Today we see many businesses needing to replace workers on a reasonably regular basis. Using an ACS when an employee must leave your company, deactivate their credentials which denies them further access. ACS lets you know at all times who enters and leaves your business.

Who, when and where they entered?

Using the unique report interface that The Right Choice Locksmith supplies with most access control systems, you can track where your employees are every second of the day. It is your option for which places to deny access and which are for authorized employees only. Reports of suspicious activities, such as someone in the facility trying to get into an area they don’t belong, are also available.

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The Right Choice Locksmith professional will look at each access control company for the features we believe will be most important for your business’s access and security. We have the expertise to help you choose the most up to date system and provide you with important safety protocols. In emergencies, we make sure you have lockdown scenarios, and programming systems to automatically open and lock selected doors.

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