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We Install, Maintain And Repair Your Locks. The Right Choice locksmith company helps you make the right choice for protecting your business. We can repair and or install any type or brand of lock and lock system that you presently need for your commercial security needs.  

Commercial locks have more traffic and therefore much more useful. Thus, your choices for a commercial or business security system should provide the highest level of durability and protection available, dependent upon your company’s specific needs. In today’s ever-changing high-tech world of locks, there are three main options for maximum security for your commercial or office space.

  1. The Profile Cylinder Lock.
  2. The Dead Bolt, and
  3. Keyless Door Lock Systems

How do I know if my locks tampered?

If a lock looks forced or bent, or there are discolored circles around the knob from movement. These are signs the lock could have tampered. If they used a bumping technique to break into your door, this means that they filed down the teeth of a key so they could unlock the tumblers. New nicks around the keyhole entry can see the signs.

If your lock has been picked, which is the most popular method used, you can recognize signs that will usually include tiny excellent scratch marks around the key area. The Right Choice professional will explain and demonstrate to you the crucial components to consider when choosing a lock.

What is a Rim Cylinder and what are its advantages?

You install a Rim Cylinder with long screws that hold the cylinder in place. Rim cylinders typically need more space to operate because the tailpiece protrudes from the back of the cylinder when the key turns it rotates. Screw in cylinders is mostly found on aluminum doors or shop doors.  When this type of cylinder is well-made and heavy, it affords for more safety and security.

It is beneficial, we believe, for our clients to do some research regarding the different locks out there. There are many brand names for cylinder locks. With the more familiar brands being Adams Rite and Yale. However, if you need to change the cylinder lock, it is best to stay with the same brand that you were using because the parts will usually fit right in.

The Right Choice Locksmith can assist you in making sure you choose the best lock that fits your security needs. We will explain the options, as well as the preferences we learned thru the years of experience in the locksmith field. Most times it is not as simple as it seems to choose the right lock. One needs to understand the different types of locks, their identifying names, as well as their unique specifications. An example of different identifying names regarding a cylinder lock sometimes referred to as a pin tumbler.

A pin tumbler is given its name because of the multiple internal pins that move around inside the cylinder when the key turns. The movement happens due to the serrated edges of the key. Replacing lock barrels with a cylinder lock holds an advantage, as the lock can be replaced without having to readjust or alter the hardware.

Do I have to replace the lock if my key broke inside?

Profile cylinders are installed when you want and need to achieve maximum security. They are anti-pick, anti- bump, anti-snap, anti- drill cylinder locks. The Right Choice recommends this type of lock for businesses that need strict compliance in ensuring safety in your work environment.

Up to 25% of burglaries are believed to use lock snapping, lock bumping or cylinder drilling and screwing as a way of breaking into commercial domains.

Should I change to a high-security master key system?

There are many advantages to a master key system.

While the terminology sounds simple to a well-trained locksmith, it will most certainly sound confusing to you. That’s why we are happy to send to your company one of our highly trained technicians. The Right Choice representative will explain all there is to know so that you can make the most educated decisions in securing your business.

The Dead Bolt

“The easiest way to prevent an intruder is with a deadbolt lock on the door.”  According to, New York Times Home and Garden article, however, read, “A cheap deadbolt is no bargain.” When you are shopping for a deadbolt, there are three qualities to look for according to Gale Johnson, editor in chief of the trade publication, “The Locksmith Ledger.” First, it should be labeled “Grade 1”, “Grade 2” or “Grade 3”.

“Grade 3” considered one of the weakest and should probably be avoided, as should the label, “Professional Grade.” The article goes on to say, you get what you pay for and that a good and reliable locksmith, who has been in the business for many years, is the best person to contact.

The Right Choice Locksmith and Security Services have been in business for many years. We can help you to choose the best lock for your specific needs. We are happy to share our years of experience in assisting you in making the proper decisions for your particular situation.

What is a deadbolt lock?

A deadbolt lock By definition is, “A lock bolt that’s moved if you turn a knob or key without the action of a spring.” Naturally, it is a lock that is only able to be opened through a key or knob. These types of locks are not spring activated, and you cannot open them with a knife or other objects. Nor is it easily battered or bored which affords for great security regarding potential forced entry.

What are the advantages of a deadlock lock?

Many times, it can become quite confusing when presented with the task of knowing what one needs in achieving the best security regarding an office or commercial property. Some key advantages of a deadbolt lock are that they have a unique mechanism which gives the highest protection against a forceful break-in. On the other hand, standard locks Can be unlocked by using the force of a crowbar, or other metal instruments, because they operate using a spring mechanism. The deadbolt locks are the opposite; they are nearly impossible to break in these ways.

Another advantage of the deadbolt lock is that it acts as a deterrent to an intruder due to its resistance. The resistance factor is hugely beneficial since it discourages the intruder. The intruder recognizes that the chances of being caught are higher due to the amount of time it takes to dismantle the deadbolt lock.

It is recommended by The Right Choice not to compromise your safety, and always to install the best possible safety equipment. We are still happy to assist you in choosing the best reasonable protection and security choices for your business.

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