Commercial Locksmith Services. New Locks And Rekeys​

Commercial or Office Lock change or Rekeying is an option most people need to make at some point at their business location.

Why would someone need to either change a lock or rekey it? Well, the truth is that to understand this question we must first understand the meaning of the options themselves. Then the proper answer can be presented. Changing Locks mean, replacing the locks that are presently on the doors of your home. Rekeying means removing the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replacing them with new pins and springs. Of course, this would also suggest using a new key. Now that we understand the definitions, we can ask what the benefits of one over the other are. With that, we can then decide which is right for your situation.

Why would someone need to change a lock?

Changing a lock is usually not the first choice for businesses because in most cases the cost is higher than rekeying. However, in the circumstances in they must be replaced irrespective of the cost differential.

Why would someone need to Rekey?

The most often used reason to rekey locks is to maintain control when someone changes possession of a property. However, many times keys are lost or stolen, and sometimes you or a family member may have given a key to someone you wish you hadn’t. It is an unacceptably uncomfortable feeling to have a key, to the most essential things in your life, just floating around in a stranger’s possession. Rekeying is a non-expensive option that will help ensure that persons you don't want having access to your home, will no longer have access.

Should I replace or rekey my home door locks?

Usually, an educated, trained locksmith can determine if a lock needs to be replaced or can merely be rekeyed. Now that we are familiar with the terminologies and meaning of Lock changing and rekeying, we can ask the next most pertinent question.

What are the benefits of choosing either the replacing of a lock or rekeying?

In most cases rekeying is less expensive than changing a lock, but there are many reasons you may want to change nevertheless. One of these reasons is that you may want to change your door lock for aesthetic reasons. To beautify your home. Another reason could be to upgrade your existing home security or if you decide that you would like your home to have matching keys. Consulting with a professional commercial locksmith may be the best way to determine if you need a new lock or a rekey.

Other popular questions posed by our clients include: Do I need my key to rekey?

Yes. To rekey a lock, the locksmith must have the matching key. In such cases where the key is not available, the locksmith has to pick open the lock which can incur additional charges.

Will my security suffer if I rekey?

Rekeying does not affect the security of your lock in any way.

Can my door be rekeyed?

Yes. All locks come with a built-in system to enable them to be rekeyed. However, each lock is different and may require specific tools to accomplish the rekey process. For example, different companies, such as "Medeco, or "Mul-T-Lock need their own set of tools, as well as key pins.

Can I rekey all the locks in my home to match?

Rekeying can be used not only to retire an old key but also to match the locks so that they use the same key throughout the entire house. Of course, this is a great convenience. It is also good to know that in situations where there are several, or even one lock which is not compatible to match the key, in such a case The Right Choice Locksmith can change that specific lock.Once we went on vacation and came home to find the friend of our daughter making a party in our house. When he had stayed with us for a couple of days, months prior, he was given a key for his convenience and never returned it. We all forgot about it, but he clearly remembered. We immediately rekeyed, because we were happy with our current lock and it was in good condition. The rekeying actually improved the function of our lock.

Our trustworthy, highly trained technicians, will help you in whichever way you decide. Rekey, or Lock Replacement.

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