Commercial Audio & Video Services. Entry And Building Security

The Right Choice Video and Intercom Security Systems

There are many options in securing your business. In today’s workplace environment, most companies, prefer a commercial intercom system. This form of protection works from the outside in and is one of the most common and helpful ways of security any business can choose.

Our intercom security system experts will provide you with all the information and service you will need to allow you to safeguard your office and employees. 

This form of security affords you complete control over who you let into your building. For businesses with high traffic from visitors and for those who own or manage residential buildings and want to protect their tenants. This is the most important way to secure your property.

You may be considering using this form of security for the first time or may want to upgrade your present system. Our Locksmith Professionals are here to advise and serve you in this most critical decision. Whether it is deciding, which intercom system you need or where to correctly place your monitors within the framework of your budget.

How will my intercom system allow me to know who is at the entrance?

At remote points in your facility, which you have chosen, you will be able to communicate by voice and/or video with one another and with visitors. Video and voice intercom increase the safety and security of your commercial property or business. Some brands include multiple remote points with a central communications monitor. This enables a single individual to receive calls from many locations.

What is the value of using a Video and Voice Intercom system?

Screening your visitors means you have total control over who is allowed to enter. Video or voice intercom systems are an integral part of securing your premises whether you own an apartment building or commercial office. Your order will afford you the ability to choose different security rules for different areas of your office by ascribing different levels of security for each respective space. This is essential if your business contains places with valuable inventory or sensitive information. Who and when you want to give access to cash or other valuables can be determined by you or anyone you choose. Unauthorized individuals will be denied entrance, and you will have a visual recording of all attempted entrances to your building or selected areas within.

The Right Choice professional technicians will assist you in making the right decisions. We will come to you and review all the equipment possibilities and manufacturing companies to help you in making the proper safety and security decisions for your business.

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