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It’s written that moving houses, changing locations, or changing anything raises our stress level by leaps and bounds. Also, a new home involves a lot of factors and that this causes tremendous stress. It doesn’t matter how far you are moving; even if it is around the corner, you will experience anxiety.

Marni Amsselum, a Ph.D. clinical psychologist, says, “even though moving can be exciting, exciting things are often fraught with stress.” Anytime we are facing change it is inherently difficult, yet, there are ways of alleviating, at least certain areas of your pressure. “The Right Choice” Locksmith Company can help in all aspect of Locksmith services.

More than making keys, repairing locks, installing security systems and preventing theft, we alleviate stress and fear. One of the most important tasks when changing location is to change your locks before the boxes get there. You need to ensure that all your valuables will be safe, and accessible only by you and your family members.

The Right Choice is a vetted, licensed and trustworthy, full-service locksmith co. We make sure your new security system in your new home is up and running before you get there. We, to your choosing, change, repair the old locks, or install an entirely new system.

Not only can moving locations cause stress, but it also interferes with regular daily routines.

You may have a routine where you put your keys in the top kitchen drawer the minute you come in the house. When you go out, you usually check that the keys are in your pocket or handbag. But now that you are busy calling moving companies, and making packing lists, and your towels are in the garage, and your tools are in the linen closet, and you walk out of the house without your keys, and lock the door behind you. It seems the stress of moving brings on more issues like the saying goes when it rains it pours.

Let us tell you a short story.

Once a woman went out to take the garbage, just a few steps away from the front door. She left her front door open for a second, it was a cylinder lock, and she was enjoying the cool night breeze. She was happy to get out for a minute for a breath of fresh air. Then, all of a sudden, her big blonde Labrador retriever ran out after her and closed the door with his left back paw. She just stood there looking at her dog, like she was in some bad movie. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry until she remembered there was a big pot of something cooking on the gas burner, and a pizza not set on a timer in the oven.

She immediately went to her neighbor to ask if she knew any reliable, trusted, experienced locksmiths in the area. The neighbor recommended us, The Right Choice Locksmith as it was just months earlier that we had changed all the locks in her home to have matching keys.

All the rooms in the house now had the same key. Like the garage side door, and the back door, as well as the storage,  shed in the back yard. We had also installed a gun safe in their basement. So, this woman who locked herself out with the pizza burning, and the pot boiling had something much more frightening going on. She had a baby in the house. She told this to our Locksmith technician, and he was out to her home before the pizza burnt. Our locksmith opened the door within minutes.

It’s happened more than twice that our emergency lock service van has been called out on the same day. Once to change the locks on a person’s new home, and then back to their old house for an emergency home lockout call. Our technicians come with their state of the art tools, and machinery, and a smile. Their expertise is immediately calming to any situation, especially, in emergencies.

There are many essential things in this world that you can't skip over, or take care of another day.

The first thing we need to take care of for our homes is security, and each person knows what this means to them. The Right Choice would like to help you accomplish your most important goal of protecting yourself, your family and your possessions. We suggest you make extra sets of keys and leave them with a trustworthy neighbor, so you never have to get locked out of your home again.

With an extra set of keys, you prevent emergencies. There is another solution to your key problems, and that is keyless security systems. There are many advantages to this system. Firstly, you don’t need any keys. That’s by itself is worth it, but there is more. A keyless security system also ensures that you can monitor who comes and goes from your home. It will alert you if someone comes in or is attempting to enter.

The Right choice technicians are trained to install keyless lock systems quickly and cost-effectively. Of course, we also have stock a full supply of residential locks in our state of the art service vans. We have any style of lock you might need. Whether your priority is the beauty of safety, we have it.

Thank you, we look forward to working with you.

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