Residential Locks Change

The question is a simple though the answer may seem complicated; it is quite simple as well.

In most cases, repairing is less expensive than changing a lock, but there are many reasons you may want to change, nevertheless. One of these reasons is that you may want to change your door lock for aesthetic reasons to beautify your home.  Another reason could be to upgrade your existing homes security level.

The first choice of consumers is usually to repair because in most cases the cost is less than changing a lock. However, there are few circumstances in which it needs replacement irrespective of the cost differential.

Locks can rust or wear down due to weather changes. Sometimes a lock expands in the heat, or contracts in the cold causing irreparable damage. A lock can be damaged by someone misusing the lock either because their trying to get it to work where it is not working correctly. Unfortunately, a robber trying to obtain access to your home or business illegally will in many situations damage the lock.

If the unfortunate situation arises our trusted certified technicians can, in most cases, be there, within the hour, help you make the right choice for your particular security need.  Our fully equipped service vans have everything we need to offer you a wide variety of locks, and immediately change your locks on the spot. The question as to what is correct, lock changing or repairing, for your situation is a decision most people need to make at some point in their lifetime.

You are changing a lock means, repairing the locks that are presently on the doors of your home. Repairing means removing the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and fixing them with new pins and springs.

Our highly trained professional technicians are honest and efficient and will help you determine the best choices to fit your specific needs and desires. Consulting with a Right Choice Locksmith will help you decide whether you need a new lock or a repair.

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