Home & Residential Key Duplication & Creation​

Are key cutting and key duplication the same thing? It is not.

Many think so, but it is not. The Right Choice locksmith offers both key cutting and key duplication services.

When you register for your restricted key system, you will be asked to fill out a form which will then allow only those authorized by your company to duplicate a key. We will then use a unique cylinder that only our keyways will fit. Therefore, The Right Choice will be the only ones able to replicate or cut your key. We can also use these cylinders on your master key system if necessary.

We are willing and ready to assist you in any of your key cutting or key duplicating decisions and needs. Call us for more information about our restricted keyways system so we can help you make The Right Choice.

A working key is needed to duplicate a key, to make a copy. If you have a key which functions properly with its intended lock, We can easily replicate it by selecting a blank key which we then position in our key cutting machine to recreate the same specific cut pattern of the available key. Its called a key duplicate.

Key cutting is the process we use to create a key when a working key is not available. We make a new key by a code number which included with the original key and lock. We then use this code number to match the patterns of the cuts we need on the key to make it fit the lock. It is called cutting a key.

What is a restricted keyway system?

Restricted keyway lock systems are designed to prevent unauthorized keys duplication. It means that our keyway lock systems use a key which is controlled only by The Right Choice Locksmith so you can feel safe knowing that our licensed and vetted technicians are the only ones who can recreate your key.

Can you duplicate and cut keys for our office furniture?

The Right Choice has a full range of duplicate keys for a variety of office furniture items. These include drawers, filing cabinets, safes, desks, and others. All we need is the code marked on the item lock, and we can cut or duplicate a key within minutes.

Can you duplicate or cut any key for any lock?

We can duplicate or cut a key for any lock. We have a variety of high-quality key blanks which we use to create or copy the exact cut pattern of your keys. It enables the key to then open and closes the lock with ease.

Our highly trained locksmith technicians have the experience and training as well as state of the art tools to provide precise key cutting and duplication service solutions for all your commercial needs. We offer commercial key cutting services and solutions for every commercial industry, including factories, warehouses, retail storefronts, hospitals, schools, as well as for property managers.

The Right Choice Locksmith’s fully equipped Mobile service vans are available at your convenience to duplicate keys that will function properly and securely.

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