The Right Choice Locksmith House & Room Lockout Service​

If you’re locked out of your house first things your thinking to yourself: My goodness, I can’t believe this is happening is your first thought followed by, what should I do? And you’re pulling out your phone and searching for a locksmith for a house near me or locksmith residential services.

We receive calls of confusion, just like yours, from everyone and anyone, every day. You know the adage; “It happens to the best of us.” It happens, and it happens a lot.

Home lockouts may be caused by many reasons, each as frustrating as the next. Whatever the reason. A simple call will alleviate your stress because we will let you know that one of our professional mobile locksmiths will be showing fast and rekey, repair or change your lock only if needed.

Countless homeowners get locked out of their homes for one of the following reasons but the most common, innocently walking out the door, and for whatever reason, the door closes behind you.

Number two on the list is just not being able to find your keys. Sometimes you realize this as your about to leave and sometimes as you arrive. It doesn’t matter if they lost or stolen. Either way, they’re gone, and someone other than you or your family members may have entered into your domain. Now, this is the peak of the stress point. However, The Right Choice is once again available to save the moment. Each one of our vans is equipped to make new locks as well as new keys. Believe it or not, we are even trained to duplicate a new set of home keys just from the imprint of your door.

Next on the list is Rust.

Rust can take place on either your keys or lock itself or both; we can replace any lock, including any deadbolt, or cylinder lock.

The fourth reason is when a lock freezes or expands. If your lock froze or enlarged due to changes of weather a trustworthy certified technician will replace it immediately.

Fifth incorporates unfortunate situations where keys become damaged, bent, jammed in the door or even worse brake in the lock. In all these scenarios we suggest that you do not attempt to fix the problem yourself because you could cause more significant damage. We can jiggle it out with a higher percentage of success by not causing damage to the actual lock. Where the key is damaged or bent, we can duplicate an exact key on site.

The Sixth and last of the most common reasons why people get locked out is when the alarm system doesn’t work. Our technicians have all the tools available on site to disable and re-program it.

Maybe after all this, you might want to install a keyless entry system. 

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