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Providing Wired and Wireless Home Security and Burglar Alarms

Included in our services are intercom systems, CCTV, and surveillance cameras, as well as all door lock repair and installation services.

Why is security so important? When a builder builds a building, the most critical moment in the process, the focus of the project has to be on the foundation of the structure. A structure which is built on improper, or what is referred to as shaky ground, will eventually have severe problems along the way. The foundation actually affects every single inch of the building in the long run. Of course, a new building may look awesome when it is unveiled upon completion, but if it is not built with a sturdy base, the beams will slowly tilt, and the walls will ultimately crack.

It is the same exact thing when it comes to security services. Some companies install pretend, or poor quality cameras and video equipment. The inadequate quality equipment that some may install is what we refer to as paper plate security. This means to use it once and throw it away.

Security systems are the foundation of your protection, whether for a corporation which needs surveillance cameras, and probably access security systems, or where the importance of security is to protect private information like in cases of government compounds. Hospitals depend on security services for multiple reasons. To protect patients and babies. A patient’s well being is dependent on knowing that their hospital is secured correctly. Hospitals also house expensive equipment and medications.

Property management is highly dependent on security services, like intercoms, and surveillance cameras and CCTV, as it is essential to know who is coming and going at all times. This protects the people on the premises as well as the property.

We also change each lock every time a new person takes possession of an apartment or office space to ensure their new life is secure. Security is a quiet necessity. It doesn’t gain you status, recognition, fame, but it is the base, the core of life, and the foundation for building a structured business or family which can therefore prosper. Knowing that your property and possessions are secured lets, you enjoy all the other parts of life. There are many stories told that if there had been proper security systems in place, much unnecessary damage and loss could have been prevented. It is a known fact that people behave very differently when they know they are being watched by a surveillance camera or video system.

There was a situation once where a man was in an electronics store when he was seen walking around putting small electronic devices into his big pocket. A few sets of earphones, some wires, and chargers. After several minutes of accruing his supplies, he noticed a camera in the corner of the store which was one of our rotating video cameras. The man looked up and almost fainted, and then proceeded to go back to all the parts of the store where he had stolen goods from and continued to put each item back in its place.

Theft is not the only illegal actions our security services prevent. Unfortunately, today’s value systems have fallen, and people act in ways they would never have in the past. Youngsters left with babysitters, the elderly with caretakers, and other such situations are situations which call for security services in the form of camera and video.

Choosing the right security system for your personal needs is not always as simple as it appears. There are hundreds of models and types of security systems to choose from, and this can get quite confusing. Our locksmith technicians have experience with top brand equipment and models used to provide the best results for the highest levels of security for your business or family requirements.

Residential or business we will come to you, to sit down and map out a security system plan which best fits your property business and or personal needs.

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